CBSE Previous Years Questions Papers – Last Year Sample Papers

cbse previous year papers, cbse last year papers

It’s very beneficial and important to practice cbse last year papers. After practicing the last few year cbse papers, guess papers and other practice sample papers. Students would come to know about various things like

The pattern of the board examination: cbse previous years papers help students to understand the board examination pattern.

Difficulty level: practicing cbse last year papers makes student come to about the difficulty level of the questions. What is the difficulty level of of 2 marks, 4 marks and 6 marks questions?

Students can judge themselves: After practicing such cbse previous year papers students can judge their ability, their speed and specific areas where they are lacking behind etc. Thus students can plan accordingly to increase their speed and can focus on the difficult area better. Student must practice at least five to ten years of cbse sample papers which make you more confident before the board exams.

In case of mathematics, it is good to practice the sample papers, NCERT and other helps books questions well as. Mathematics is a king of subject where practice is required more as compare to other subjects.

In case of English the grammar section is very important. Therefore must practice the grammar section of all the cbse last year sample papers. Don’t learn short and longs questions from these sample papers, prepare these question from your notes or regular help books.

For the science, numeric part is very important. Find the important question and solve them.

In the sample papers it has been noticed that the quality of answers is not so good, so just marks the questions and prepare them from your regular help books.


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    Feb 04. 2011

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    Feb 04. 2011

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    Feb 09. 2011

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    May 10. 2011

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    May 25. 2011

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    Jul 21. 2011

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    Aug 21. 2011

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  8. kasi

    Aug 22. 2011

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  9. Nitin

    Aug 29. 2011

    Please send me CBSE class 12 board papers of last 5 yrs of subject- physical education.
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    Aug 29. 2011

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    Oct 07. 2011

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    Nov 23. 2011

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    Nov 24. 2011

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