CBSE Sample Paper English 10th Class 2013

Cbse Sample Paper English 10th Class 2013

Section A – Passes

Q1 – Q3

Section B –

Q. Your School is planning for a Tennis completion for 12th Class students. Write a notice for the school notice board giving information about the time, contact person date and venue in 50-60 words.


Q. Your mother has promised you to buy a new Video Game for you on scoring 80% or more marks in your 1st term examination. Explain your anticipation in a diary, entry.


Q6. All the drains in your area are full of dirt, most of them are blocked. Write a letter to the MCD describing the trouble and problems faced by your locality in recent day’s also suggesting ways to solve the same.


Q7. Movies and their negative effects, how new movies are affecting students and study. Express your views on the same in an article.


Q8. Write a speech on “The Scarcity of fresh water”.


Q9. Write a Letter to the Editor of a Local Newspaper voicing your concern.




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