Computer courses after 12th graduation

Computer courses after 12th and Graduation

Its often seen that students looks for various computers courses after passing 12th class examination and yes also the institutes allure students with their differ computers courses  out of the examination centers by giving them templates.

Choosing the right computer course is the key of success. What are the different computer courses available? What computer course you should go for? What are the best career making computer courses? Let’s first understand the type of computer courses and the area of opportunities in that.

1: Basis Computer and Typing: Basic computer and typing courses is also very useful if you have a excellent command over English.  You need to just make your typing speed better. With the help of your excellent English and good command over typing you can get handsome salary in content writing job for the online websites.

2: DTP computer courses: This basically includes computer courses like flash, photoshop, web designing, basis knowledge of internet and HTML. After DTH computer courses you can work as a web designer who designs websites in photoshop and makes files.

3: Programming: If you want to make your career in programming fields. It is vast you can choose wide ranges of computer programming courses like .NET, C++, JAVA, PHP, PERL etc. You should make your career in these growing programming languages.

4: Animation: Animation computer course is also a very good course which makes your career in Animation fields. You can get higher salary after Animation courses. The duration of this course is minimum 1 year to 2 year.

5: Telly: Telly relates to the commerce background peoples the duration of this telly courses is from 6 to 8 month.  Telly courses are very affordable courses and you can work as account executive first if you are just a graduation and a good practice over telly computer course.

6: Hardware and Networking: There are various small and well known institutes which provide Hardware and Networking courses. You can build your career in this field and can get initially 10k to 15k initially.

7: Data Base Administrator: You can also build your career in Database Administrator. A Database Administrator is who care of data base of a company and fulfills the various data requests. SQL and MySQL are the well knows and most popular databases these days. As a database administrator you can get higher salary packages in the industry.

There are various institute which provide computer education, computer courses like NIIT, Aptech, Arena, Heights, DICS and many more to name.


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