Tips for Board Exams

How to score high marks in Your Board Exams


Scoring high marks is the ultimate aim of every student in board examination as this is the first step towards a good career. As the board exams come near, student start taking tension, work hard day and night, give more time to their study and do whatever they can do to achieve their goal. Hard work undoubtedly is one of the most important factors but there are few other which will help you to perform better in examination and drive maximum juice out of your hard work.

Special tips for Board Examination

Read the question paper: Don’t start attempting question papers without reading it completely. Give few minutes for reading the question papers. Make you strategy, mark the question that you feel easy and solve them first. Priority is very important so mark the question as per the difficulty level. Attempt those at last which you feel difficult.

Neat and Clear: Always try to write neat and clear especially in theoretical subjects where mistakes can cut your marks.  Give enough space after completing one question.

Don’t try to solve serial wise: Solving question paper serial wise not a good way. It is not required that you solve the question paper serial wise. You can’t attempt the question paper completely if you do this, unless you are a genius.

Diet Plan: Healthy diet is very important; you all should take only healthy diet to keep your health and mind good. If your health is good you can pay more attention to your studies.

Meditation: Keep your mind calm with meditation. Meditation helps you to remove your stress and tension.


Other Tips to score high marks in exam


Make your Concept Clear: In case of mathematics you must have all the basics concepts and formulas on your finger tips. To make your concepts more clear and sharp, you should practice questions as much as you can but without good understanding of formulas you can’t do this. So first you should learn all your formulas. For English you should learn the whole chapter deeply with all the difficult words. It will help you to learn the answers easily and write them quickly. Mistakes in English can be a negative point for the examiner where you can lose your marks so always try to learn with writing to minimize the chances of mistakes.

Previous year Question Papers: you should at least solve 10 years questions papers if possible. Solving previous year question papers will make you understand better about the pattern, marking scheme of the exam. This will also help you to make your strategy to solve the board question paper. You can judge your performance and place accordingly to improve it.

Pay more attention: Attention is very important to make the concept clear. If you are disturbed or thinking for other things then you are wasting your time. You should keep your mind presence in the classroom completely.

Group study is also a very good way. Make a group and time table to practice together at a single destination. You can easily solve your problems and also help others. Helping other will make your concept better compare to just self understanding.

Revision: Revision is very important to keep the things in your mind for a long time. You should keep revising all topics.

Practice in Writing: Always learn the answers by writing, verbal practice is good but to minimize the change of mistakes you should solve it by writing.



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